Setting up Git for Unity

Part of learning to code has led me to use version control by use of Git which is important for source code management. I installed git from

Git Website

once installed I located my project browser by right clicking on my unity hub project to show in folder :

once the folder is open you can right click and select “Git Bash Here”

to start the process, you can type “git init” to create a local repository.

As I have an account on github I cna now link it to the project by creating a repository:

I have named this “version control examples” and as we are working in unity we will want to add a “Unity gitignore” file

Once the repository is made on the main code page for it, you can copy the link from here:

then within our git bash environment we will type the command:

git remote add origin “URL”

this completes the linking of our project to git



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