OnCollisionEnter Vs. OnTriggerEnter — When to use them?

George Asiedu
Aug 27, 2022

Adding to the physics in unity topic we have two methods we can call that effect our game objects. In my previous example i used OnTriggerEnter

Which activated the destroy game object instruction. this works because both objects have colliders components attached.

in the unity documentation is it explained like:

Both GameObjects must contain a Collider component. One must have Collider.isTrigger enabled, and contain a Rigidbody. If both GameObjects have Collider.isTrigger enabled, no collision happens. The same applies when both GameObjects do not have a Rigidbody component.

the other OnCollisionEnter can be used when collision events are only sent if one of the colliders also has a non-kinematic rigidbody attached. For example if we wanted to trigger a finishing line to trigger the end of a race. Gameobjects can pass through each other and an event can take place.