How to use Post Processing in Unity

To add Post processing to our game we need to install it from the Package manager which we can find in the window tab.

To then get started we will want to add an empty GameObject that will define our profile that will control all the effects that we want to apply to our project. Then add the component “Post Process Volume”

This will allow us to start making image effects to our project. We will want to tick “Is Global” so our changes effect the whole scene. The effects that can be added are Ambient Occlusion, Auto Exposure, Bloom, Colour Grading, Grain, Motion Blur and a few others.

To make the effects show up we also have to add a component to our Main camera called “Post Process Layer”

within our Post process volume game object we will want to add it to make a layer

adding layer

then set post process volume layer to that layer. We can now play with the effects within our scene.

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