Bring your game to AAA status through Post Processing!

With the Post process volume Profile set we can now add our effects.

Effects that can be added

From the list I have added Bloom and Color grading

Intensity controls the strength of the filter, threshold filters out pixels nder this level of brightness. Clamp sets the maximum intensity that Unity uses to calculate Bloom. If pixels in your Scene are more intense than this, URP renders them at their current intensity, but uses this intensity value for the purposes of Bloom calculations. So there is a lot of you can do with your scene through this.

Colour Grading

This effect is one that feels like taking your scene through Lightroom. My scene currently looks like this:

with the Colour settings above

I will add some positive temperature to the scene:

you can see the scene has taken a little more red and you can see how quickly it can be to transform your scene with a few effects for a more polished look.

this effect darkens the edges of the scene through your camera. you can set the colour of it and how smooth or intense you want it to be.

example of light vignette

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